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 5 Reasons To Hold Your Wedding At Camp


1. We're Rustic In Nature

Our Camp is tucked away in a picturesque location. We're located near Jenks Lake, at the base of a mountain and surrounded by open land, rustic in nature. If you are thinking of hosting a wedding you can have a summer camp wedding filled with elegance and sophistication.

2. A Great Weekend Wedding Spot

You probably are looking at the space being available in early spring, late summer and in the fall. We are used to housing high numbers of visitors so an added fee you can rent out our cabins and bunks for your wedding guests. It's truly a magical spot to host an entire wedding weekend starting on a Thursday or Friday and going right on through the weekend. This would give you the opportunity to plan fun festivities such as a welcome picnic, rehearsal dinner BBQ and a bonfire s’mores night and more.

3. Offering A Full Range Of Activities

Archery, rock climbing, canoe rides followed by swimming and relaxing are just a few of the many activities your guests could enjoy at camp. For the sports minded crowd you could hold a family baseball game or a college friends human fooseball game – as many activities as you want to create we can handle it.

4. Lots Of Wide Open Spaces

Looking to host a cabin type wedding then a summer camp might be the spot for you. You don’t have to host your wedding reception in our lodge you can use the expansive grounds at camp to construct the type of wedding that you have always dreamed of. Thanks to the large quantities of space available you're probably don’t have to cut your guests list down and that might make your future mother in law very happy!

5. Fun Photo Opportunities

Lets face it, getting good photographs at your wedding is a must. By selecting our camp as your wedding backdrop you have just given yourself a pretty good chance at scoring some fabulous pics. Think about having all your bridesmaids line up with the national forest in the background or take a ride with your new spouse in a canoe for a quick photo opportunity. I bet you can come up with 50 different fun and rustic wedding picture ideas just by looking around camp.


Package rates (includes lodging, meals, and snacks) require a minimum of 35 paid persons depending upon the season. With a variety of activities and services available, please complete the form below for a quote.


A non-refundable deposit of $500 or 25% of the total fee, whichever is greater, is required for each reservation.

Proof of Insurance:  RESPONSIBLE PARTY, shall maintain Commercial General Liability Insurance including Host Liquor liability, in an amount not less than $1,000,000 Combined Single Limit for Bodily Injury and Property Damage. Such Insurance shall name Diabetes Camping Educational Services, Inc as additional insured, and a certificate of insurance with an endorsement must be provided 4 weeks prior to the event.  If having overnight guests, it must be for the weekend. Online purchase through WedSafe or other places.

Wedding Rental Request

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