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Family Volunteer Work Weekend

Teaching Diabetes Self-Management Skills

Located in the San Bernardino Mountains of California, Camp Conrad Chinnock offers recreational, social, and educational opportunities for adolescents and families living with Type 1 diabetes. Campers are taught diabetes self-management skills in a fun, interactive, and safe environment. A primary focus of Diabetes Camping and Educational Services is providing residential camping experiences for youth with Type 1 diabetes and their families at Camp Conrad Chinnock.


We are committed to provide a safe, educational, and healthy camping experience to all children & families.



Training in formal & casual settings to teach children how to manage their medication, eat properly, and integrate physical activity into their lifestyle.



Among the tall pines of the Barton Flats Recreation Area within the San Bernardino Mountains near Big Bear.


Be a Camper

Whether you are 6 years old or 17 years old, maintaining a healthy lifestyle while remembering to have an engaging, active and balanced youth is challenging. Spending time and making life-long bonds with people experiencing the same struggles is key to feeling fulfilled.

A second family is the only way to describe it!

Rent Camp

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7,000 feet above the city lies Camp Conrad Chinnock, a beautiful camp nestled among the tall pines of the Barton Flats Recreation Area within the San Bernardino Mountains near Big Bear. The camp is owned and operated by Diabetes Camping and Educational Services, a non-profit organization, and is under permit from the San Bernardino National Forest.

The views are spectacular, the air is fresh and clean, the stars are bright, and the staff is friendly and helpful. Being accredited by the American Camp Association assures Camp Conrad Chinnock attendees will receive the highest standards and outstanding service.

Whether you have family, a church group, youth or adult programs, or a wedding, become part of the Camp Conrad Chinnock family by bringing your group to camp.

Want to visit our office? Contact us

If you would like to reach the Diabetes Camping and Educational Services office, kindly get in touch with us.

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